[Translation from Japanese to English ] On March 7th, Japan Tourism Agency(JTA) held "the second MICE Conference fo...

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On March 7th, Japan Tourism Agency(JTA) held "the second MICE Conference for the enhancement of international competitiveness" in the executive conference room of the Central Government Building No.3. Twelve members of the committee selected from MICE-related associations,private companies and local governments as well as the staffs of JTA including the director general Mr.Ida of JTA attended the conference. The officials of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan also attended the conference as observers.

Opening the conference, the result of the interview conduted by organizers of international conference was introduced.
They requested:
・the support from the government seeing the attraction of international conferences as an investiment
・to young people to recognize the invitation of Interentional conferences as a career development opportunity
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The tourist board held a "2nd MICE International Competetiveness Strengthening Committee Meeting" on March 7th in Central United Office Building 3 Management Conference Room. 12 people chosen from MICE-related organizations, private companies and local governments and tourist board staff including the secretary, Mr Ide were present. Observers from ministries of Economy, Culture and Foreign Affairs attended as well.

At the begining, results of a hearing of international conference's organizer were introduced.
We want the support of the administration who would think of the invitation to this conference as an investment.
We want the young people to recognize that development of the international conference is an opportunity to develop one's career.




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・In case of the failure of the invitation of a conference, the cost in the preparatory stage will take a risk to lead the spending and the income up to the event unfixed.

As an immediate measure to take, the fostering of MICE cities is proposed.
As a first step, select and support MICE cities in the next fiscal year.
As a second step, select strategic major urban areas in 2015. Eventually, look to build self-sustained global knowledge hub cities and boost up to be able to stand up to other international conference host cities.

The final draft is scheduled to be produced this May.
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There are risks that failed invitations incur undesirable expenses, and that income does not become certain until conference openings; etc.

For an immediate measure to take, the committee proposed nurturing Japanese cities to the level of global-standard MICE cities. In the first phare, it will select cities to bolster as strategic MICE cities and support them in the next fiscal year. In the second phase, it will select nucleus strategic MICE cities in 2015. Its ultimate goal is to make global-knowledge-hub-cities self-sustaining and competitive host cities of world’s international conferences as leading Japanese cities.

The committee plans to finalize a whole plan in May this year.


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