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[Domestic and foreign MICE staff gathering in Sapporo]

Sapporo MICE Promotion Committee is having a "Sapporo/Hokkaido MICE Contents Mart" meeting from February 25th to March 27th in the Sapporo Convention Center. A memorial seminar, a memorandum by Thai and Korean MICE organizations, a job fair and an exhibition, among others, were held. Domestic and foreign MICE staff, including fifty MICE key persons from overseas have gathered.

The exhibition was open on two days - 26th and 27th in the Grand Hall C of Sapporo Convention Center.
M zone: the unique venue with summer ski jump tournament and a glass pyramid
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Local and International MICE organizers and planners get together in Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo MICE Promotion Committe held “Sapporo/Hokkaido MICE Contents Mart” for 3 days from February 25th to 27th at the Sapporo Convention Center. During the fair, it held a memorial seminar, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Thai and Korean MICE business-related organizations respectively. The committee also co-hosted a career fair and an exhibition, bringing local and international MICE organizers and planners, including 50 key persons in the MICE industry abroad, together.

The exhibition was held on 26th and 27th at its Grand Hall C, and it showcased various contents as below;
M-Zone presented unique venues including sites of the Summer Jump Competitions and the glass pyramid.



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I zone: An exhibition about environment care, which became active thanks to the Hokkaido G8 summit, with electric cars and latest cooling with technology
C zone: local music and culture like Ainu aboriginal tribes and Yosakoi Souran festival
E zone: souvenirs like music boxes with official company songs or fruit with company logos carved in them

Travel companies from overseas and MICE agent buyers stated their impressions:
"Wondrous snowy landscapes of Sapporo are great tourist attractions. Events of all kinds could be planned here, since you can enjoy resorts and skiing not far from urban areas with all needed facilities."
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I-Zone highlighted its eco-friendly technologies, such as electronic cars and the latest snow air conditioning devices, which became hot in the wake of the G8 Hokkaido Summit.
C-Zone introduced visitors to local folk music and culture about the Ainu indigenous people and the Yosakoi-soran festival.
E-Zone promoted commemorative items including music box playing a corporate song and fruits bearing a logo, which visitors can make their own.

Attendees of travel companies and MICE agencies from overseas expressed their thoughts, saying “The scenery which Sapporo creates with snow is fantastic, and it is a great tourism resource. There are also resorts like ski sites in a short distance from the city with full of facilities, so we can plan various types of events.”


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