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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I’m glad that you have found me among many members. My name is Sato. It’s be...

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I am happy to be found by you among many members. My name is Sato. About three years have passed since I told a waitress of a coffee shop in Shibuya my feeling and rejected by her. She was a lovely waitress, who is similar to Pikachu. Actually I love women who looks like Pikachu. I used to go to the coffee shop during lunch break often and said to her, "Can I ask you to watch a paper story show in which cat appears please? It's my own work" I was all over creation at the time, and performed the show to draw her into my worldview half forcibly. Finally I told the waitress my feeling with a report on twitter. We can play with goats in the Arakawa Amusement Park. Their adorableness and subtle pathos have a quite power of healing. I found them to be soiled with a lot of dusts and rubbishes by gazing them. I suppose it's also a charm of goat. I often eat casserole during winter flavored with Kimuchi. Although it seems to be a uncomfortable scene of two casserole being on a table, we will have each casserole on a table If we started to go out with.
I make T-shirts with pictures of cat.
I also display on the design fiesta held twice a year on the Tokyo Big Sight. The backside of my name card has a function as point card. A point is accumulated on each meeting with me. I present those who saved four point a specially made bag for lunch box. In spite of distribution of the name card from several years ago, it is about 1% who present it to me on meeting again. In front of my house-door I place an objet of stone like Jizo, on which I draw a face. I expect that a lady will say "Oh, what a cute, I love it, and you also!", when she came to my house. It could be possible to live If a tire was a little bit bigger. I was rejected. A weird phrase I uttered from too much strain and confusion, "Uhh, I, I love you because you're similar to Pikachu", may have caused that result. She may otherwise had been feeling gross since before. How do you feel about me as such?
This cat is a giant cat named Hamachi. It's adorable, isn't it? Oh~ sweet, ah~ah~ cute・・・cute! I want to caress you, want caress you! I'm sorry baby, if I would have caressed so many times to make you wear out ! Adorable. Big and adorable! Big-adorable!

We know there are great people who create Sky Tree or giant architectures with LEGO recently, but I am not overwhelmed. I duplicated Kuya Shounin with LEGO. Do you want this LEGO set of Kuya Shounin, if you like me? I am afraid that you might find this LEGO wet with my saliva.

I sometimes write articles on Jimoa, a local information website of Takadanobaba.
Question! Are you really satisfied with the current boyfriend?
I was trying to develop an application named "Uncle Apple", but stopped it because it's imprudent. On the surface, I seem gentle, but actually I am very sensitive as I check if the door is locked at least 10 times before I go to bed. I'm also quite hasty and restless. I often imagine if people will make a way for me if I carry a bicycle bell when I'm walking and ring the bell towards the people walking slowly in front of me. Would you like to go on a date with me?
This is my ideal floor plan. There is a table tennis room. In the living room, there is a sumo ring so you can play sumo at any time. I'm creating iPhone apps and I've submitted them, but I've been rejected twice. The reason for rejection were because it was "boring". First app that I've submitted was a fortune telling app where the user can find out his/her destined soul mate and every time my face will appear. The second app was called, 'The flower cat's adventure.'
I'm studying cocos2d in order to make a proper game. Currently I am making a spy cat's cat poo shooting game that is called 'Tama Cruise.' 'Tama Cruise' is a term coined from Tama and Tom Cruise combined.
But, I am concerned that this game, too, will be rejected as they might say, "no poo!"
When I went to Bangkok to learn Thai-style massage, I stayed at a guesthouse named suk11, located in Nana. In the morning, when I was eating breakfast in the garden, a thin middle aged man started talking to me. He was a Singaporean. We talked about interesting tourist locations and accommodations in Thailand and in the end I told him my room number.
At night, someone knocked my room. As expected, I saw the middle aged man when I opened the door. I wanted to say "come on in!", an English phrase that I recently learned, so I let him in. At first the old man was talking about sightseeing, but eventually he said to me, "can you give me a Thai-style massage?" and without asking, he stripped down to his briefs and laid down on my bed on his stomach. I reluctantly gave him a massage and afterwards he said to me, "I'll give you one too." I refused his offer but the old man said to me, "don't worry, don't worry" and almost forced me to lay on bed and you won't believe this but he started obsessively touching my vulnerable spot.
I panicked,thinking, "if I let him continue, I will lose something that's important!" I said, "hey, what are you doing?" in a slightly angry tone. However, the old man did not stop and instead he kept on saying to me, "nice feeling? Nice feeling?"
I didn't know what to do so I asked him, "why are you ding this to me?"
He replied, "I just want to compare!" (I think he was saying something like, "I want to just compare!") Just comparing? Okay, in that case, I thought it's not a big deal.
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渋谷の喫茶店の店員さんに告白してフラれてから、3年近くが経ちました。ピカチュウ似のかわいい店員さんでした。僕はピカチュウに似ている女性が大好きです。会社のお昼休みによくその喫茶店に通い、「猫が出てくる手作りの紙芝居を作ったんですが見ていただけませんか?」とお願いし、紙芝居を演じて半ば強引に自分の世界観に引き込もうと、あの時の僕は一生懸命でした。ついにtwitterで実況しながらその店員に告白しました。 荒川遊園地でヤギと戯れることができます。かわいさと不思議な悲壮感になんとも癒されます。ヤギはよく見ると体にほこりとかゴミみたいなものがいっぱい付いてました。それもまたヤギの良さなんだろうなぁ。
ねこの絵のTシャツを作っています。年に2回ビッグサイトで開催されるデザインフェスタにも出展しています。 名刺の裏がポイントカードになっています。僕に会うたびにポイントが貯まります。4つ貯まると特製のランチバッグを差し上げるようにしています。数年前からこの名刺を配り続けていますが、再度会って差し出してくれるのは1%くらいです。
もう少しタイヤが大きければ住めそうです。 振られました。あまりの緊張でテンパってしまい、「ピ、ピ、ピカチュウに似てて好きです...」という変な告白のセリフになってしまったのがいけなかったのかもしれません。あるいは以前から気持ち悪がられてたのかもしれません。こんな僕いかがですか?
この猫はハマチっていう名前のでか猫なのですが、かわいいですよね~。はぁかわいいなぁ、はぁ~はぁ~かわいい...かわいい!!なでたいなでたい!なですぎて体が擦り減ったらごめんね!かわいいなぁ。でかいしかわいい!でかかわゆい! 最近はレゴでスカイツリーや巨大建造物などを作ったりするすごい人たちがいますが、僕も負けていません。空也小人を再現しました。もし僕のことが気に入ったら、この空也小人レゴセットを差し上げましょうか。唾液でべちょべちょしてるのが気になったらすみません。
「りんごおじさん」というアプリを作ろうとしたのですが不謹慎だと思いやめました。 性格は一見おだやかそうですが、実際は神経質で寝る前に家のドアの施錠を10回くらい確認したりします。自転車のベルを歩いているときですら持ち歩いて、自分の前をゆっくり歩いている人に対してチャリンチャリン!と鳴らしたらどいてくれるかなぁといつも考えているくらい、せっかちで落ち着きがありません。ひとデートいかがですか^^
僕の理想の間取図です。卓球室があります。リビングには土俵がありいつでも相撲ができます。 iPhoneアプリを作り申請してるのですが2回リジェクトされてしまいました。2回とも「つまんない」という理由でした。1回目は運命の相手がわかる占いアプリで必ず僕の顔が表示されます。二回目は『お花猫の冒険』です。
しかし、「フンはダメ!」という理由でまたリジェクトされるのでは、と心配しています。 バンコクにタイマッサージの勉強をしに行った時に、suk11というナナにあるゲストハウスに泊まりました。朝、庭で朝食を食べていると細長いおじさんが話しかけてきました。シンガポール人です。僕らはタイの面白い観光地や宿について話をして、最後に僕は自分の部屋番号を教えてしまいました。
夜、部屋でくつろいでいるとき、ノックがしました。開けたら予想通り、朝のおじさんがそこにいました。僕は覚えたての英語「come on in!」が言いたかったので、部屋に入れてしまいました。 おじさんは最初は観光の話をしていましたが、やがて「タイマッサージをおれにやってくれよ」と言い、勝手にブリーフ一丁になって僕のベッドにうつぶせになりました。僕は仕方なくマッサージをして、そしたら、おじさんは「きみにもしてあげるよ」と言いました。僕は思いっきり断りましたが、おじさんは「いいからいいから」と僕を半ば強引にベッドに寝かせ、信じられないことに急所をしつように攻めてきました。
「こ、このままじゃ、何か大切なものを失ってしまう!」と僕は焦りました。 「ちょっと何してるんですか?!」と少し怒ったように言ってみました。ところが、おじさんはその行為を止めないまま、「ナイスフィ~リング??ナイスフィ~リング??」と語りかけてくるばかりです。僕は困ってしまい「どうしてこんなことをするんですか?」と聞いたら、おじさんは「ただ比べたいんだ!(I want to just compare!みたいなことを言っていたと思います)」と答えました。比べるだけ??そうか、まぁそれならいいかとなりました。

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