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Buddhism is a religion founded approximately in 500B.C, basing itself on the teachings of the Siddhartha Gautama from India.
Alongside Christianity and Islam, it is one of the 3 major religions of the world.
Siddhartha Gautama was born into the Siddhartha clan as prince. However, since young, he was troubled by the plagues of the secular world and left his aristocratic roots and position as future king to ruminate on the truths of our world. Siddhartha was called "Sakyamuni" and "Buddha" by his disciples. "Buddha" refers to a being that has been awaken and enlightened with the truth (the causal laws of the world). The Japanese term for "Buddha" is read as "Butsu".
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釈迦はインドのシャカ族の王子として誕生しましたが、若い時に人生上の問題に悩み、将来の国王たる地位や家族を棄てて出家し、この世の心理に目覚めます。  釈迦は弟子たちから"釈尊"、"ブッダ"と呼ばれていました。"ブッダ"とは"目覚めた人、真理(この世の道理)を悟った人"という意味になります。日本語表記の仏という漢字は"ブツ"と読みます。

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