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[日本語から英語への翻訳依頼] 忍草入会組合は74年に権利主張の相違から分裂。天野重知氏が率いて抗議活動を継続する第一組合でなく、富士吉田市、山中湖村と協調して演習場の段階的返還の立場か...

[削除済みユーザ] さんによる翻訳
The Shibokusa Co-ownership Union split in two in 1974 as a result of differences in their respective demands for the right of co-ownership of the land. The First Union, which continued its protest under the leadership of Shigenori Amano, was gradually surpassed by the defecting Second Union, which shifted its focus from the phased return of the Training Grounds in cooperation with Fuji Yoshida city and Yamanaka-ko Village, to an economic struggle against the national government.
In 2003, both the Mothers’ Club president Kimie Watanabe and Shigenori Amano passed away. The union members were aging and they stopped their activity in 2006.
“We lost both funds and people, so Ms. Amano and I decided to stop our struggle.” said President Hotokugen. “I don’t regret fighting as a farmer in Shibokusa. It’s just that I feel miserable and frustrated that our organization is lost. The light for the Kitafuji Struggle is put out now,” he said with bitterness.

(I actually do not know how to read the name 豊徳元 and tentatively translated it as 'Hotokugen.' )

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