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After your appraisal how you can explain the fact that when you check the NFC tag over the MONDO badge on the sleeve and over the washing tag QR the link on your phone go to the MONDO website and show the item as authentic?
I believe that there is some huge misunderstanding. We can provide an invoice and working NFC certification by the MONDO brand.

As we don't have an Japanese address will send you a prepaid return label trough DHL.
Please advise the pick up address(contact phone for the pick up) and when DHL can pick up the package!
Will need an e-mail address in order to send you the DHL label that you have to put only over the package.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!




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Is this a regulated/licensed activity or service? If Yes, answer 1a - 8. If No, skip to question 9.

Does your organization have effective governance around Risk Appetite, including Board of Directors review and established protocols for breaches of Risk Appetite and operating outside of Risk Appetite.

Has your organization or any of your subcontractors been involved in or threatened with disputes, litigation or regulatory action in the last 24 months? If yes, please provide additional comments, status, and upload related documentation.

Do you have a documented Conflicts of Interest Policy? If yes, please upload. If no, please provide comment and skip to question 14.


これは規定された/許可を得た活動またはサービスですか?もしそうであれば、1a - 8の質問に答えてください。もしそうでなければ、質問9にお進みください。




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Please indicate which of the following is included in the Conflicts of Interest Policy. (Select all that apply)
Declaration of interests
Conflict management
Conflict logging
Staff requirements
Other (Provide additional comments)
Please confirm you are not aware of a potential or actual conflict of interest which may impact the delivery of services under this engagement
Please confirm you have an Incentive Compensation Policy and/or sufficient oversight and controls in place to ensure any incentive compensation arrangements specific to the product/service being provided to State Street are appropriate (e.g., result in reputational damage, increased litigation, or other risks to the financial institution).