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Thank you for your order.

We are very sorry but the item you ordered includes a lithium-ion battery and
we found that we cannot send packages including lithium-ion batteries to France.

If you want to have us send the item without the lithium-ion battery, we will ship it except the lithium-ion battery included in its package.

In that case, you will need to purchase separately the lithium-ion battery "LI-90B" in your country.

If you do not want to have us send the item without the lithium-ion battery,
we are terribly sorry, but we will be canceling your order.
You will be refunded automatically through the Amazon system shortly.

Please let us know which way you want us to proceed.

We are looking forward to your response.


リチウムイオン電池を取りはずして送る事をお望みであれば、電池を取った状態で商品を送りますので、電池の方は、 "LI-90B" タイプのリチウムイオン電池を、フランスにてお買い求め下さい。




leutene English → French ★☆☆☆☆ 1.0
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anydooR Inc. launches a new Enterprise Translation Service "Conyac for Business"

Conyac is a fast, affordable and accurate human translation service that uses crowdsourcing concepts to bridge the language communication gap between people around the world. It is a perfect solution for those who need help reading and sending emails and cannot rely on expensive translation services with long wait time. Free Internet translation services are fast, but they do not translate accurately. Conyac enables a requestor to simply paste desired text into the website and pay for the professional translation by prepaid credit. Translated text is delivered within minutes, along with an email notification of the finished task.


anydooR Inc.は、ビジネス専門の翻訳サービス、「ビジネスConyac」の営業を始めました。

Conyacならば、そのサイトに ご自分の翻訳をしたい文章をペーストして頂ければ、プロの翻訳家が訳し、先に購入するクレジットからそれの支払いをする様になっており、とても簡単です。 翻訳された文章は、翻訳終了後、メールで御知らせが行き、何分かの間に納品されます。