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The RMDLO design was created by ex Dyson Design Engineer, Ran Merkazy, a true veteran of New Product Development, with many innovations and patents under his belt.
” RMDLO’s design process starts with real life problems. Understanding the person who’ll be using our product is key to answering all their needs in a way that is elegant, and fit for purpose. Quality considerations are second to non, with products being designed to last and withstand any abuse.
being creative is not enough… you have to be just as serious about quality and experience down to very last detail
This meticulous approach definitely pays off, but also takes time and effort to get right.
At RMDLO we save no sweat on making our product perfect.


RMDLO のデザインは、元ダイソン技術者、新製品開発のベテラン技術者 Ran Merkazyが行い、彼の指揮のもと多くの革新的技術と発明が盛り込まれています。

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I'm from the Philippines. I wonder if I buy your product what other shipping method do you provide? I personally don't like EMS so I'm requesting not to use that method. Hoping for your feedback soon, thanks!

Thank you once again for the offer of either the regular or the deluxe version of this model for the same price. But unfortunately, I have decided to purchase this model elsewhere. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email.

not sure if you received my previous message or not. I noticed the refund and sent payment again yesterday with my correct funding source. Let me know when the item ships. Thanks!





ekyab English → Japanese ★★★☆☆ 3.0
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1) What is the difference in the operation/ presentation that A
prefer to present to customer base in T or adjusting for localization?

2) Accordingly, what is the strategy in communications or market penetration approach
which A needs to implement for success in the foreign market like T?

3) Apart from public sectors, A has policy to combine governmental organization or
private-public organization's in a list of client in portfolio?

4) What is your expectation in reaching target in business objective after 1 fiscal year of business operation in

5) Any difficulties in operation or communications that A considered as challenge in introducing this kind of innovative business in new locations like T?