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Hometown: Pakistan’s First E-Commerce Site Selling Handmade Products

Based in Pakistan, Hometown claims to be the first e-commerce site selling handmade leather products in the country. The startup was founded just slightly more than a month ago by Waqas Ali (who wrote a few articles for us last year), Sidra Qasim, and M Hussain. The startup has quite a story behind it.

The simple idea was inspired back in 2010 when Ali met Hussain who was running his small handmade shoes business back in his hometown. Like any traditional business, Hussain was making shoes for other businesses so Ali thought about the opportunity of selling these handmade shoes directly to online customers.


ホームタウン: パキスタン の手作り皮製物販売e コマースサイトパイオニアー

パキスタンに本部を置いていて、ホームタウンは国の手作り皮製物販売e コマースサイトパイオニアーと自称する。この新興企業は僅かな一月前、ワカス・アリ(昨年に記事をいくつ書いて頂いた)、シドュラ・カシムとエム・フッセンの力で、僅かな一月前始めた。新興には中々面白い裏話がある。


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Sorry, the time expired on both listings, I had urged you to pay for the sets but since you did not, the unpaid process that ebay oversees sent you reminders and then closed the auctions -- one set has already been resold and the other has been relisted. Sorry but Ebay's expectation is that you pay for an item within 4 days of the end of the auction -- you had ample opportunity to do so, but you did not -- I still have one set put aside for you, but time is running out on that one, too! Let me know if you still want it, Lynne