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shintaro_t 52 日英・英日翻訳に従事し6年ほどになります。 契約書、マニュアル、プレスリ...



The key component inside this item has been removed and lost. This has caused it impossible to be mended even for standard usage. In other words, this is a junk item. I was aware of the "●" as the seller had explained. I believed the statement that this item was "●" and "●", thus I made this purchase. I was going to mend it by myself to use. However, the item I received had the inner key components missing which could not have been seen on the photos, and was a junk item even to the extent that it cannot be mended. This obviously differs from the explanations made by the seller.

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yakuok 60 ・日英・英日翻訳・通訳。 ・海外の国際校で教育を受け、イギリス英語・アメ...
yakuok rated this translation result as ★★★★★ 03 Apr 2015 at 05:02

Perfect translation! It is so easy to understand.

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