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job descriptionを再確認した上で対応をお願いします
・Setting画面のHome,Office,Favorite欄は入力済みの場合、欄の下にグレーで小さい文字で表示してください ・Home,Office,favoriteに住所が設定されていない場合にボタンが押下された場合。「住所が空です。settingより住所を設定してください」等のアラートを表示してください
Translated by mangetsu_1982
We checked the behaviour of the app with Xcode simulator.
Thanks for the great app. Let's keep up the good work for a bit longer.

Below is a list of tests, results, revisions and confirmations that I'd like to request.
-Could I have a response concerning the reconfimation of the job description please?
-There are some errors remaining in the source code, so could you fix these please.
-On the Settings menu, could you have some small grey text to display that something has been entered into the Home, Office and Favourite fields.
- In the event that there is no address entered in the Home, Office or Favourite field, and the button is forced down, please could you display message to the effect: 'No address has been entered. Please set an address in the Settings menu.'
- The mail icon in settings should be displayed in the lower part of the screen next to Home and Setting.
-Like the goHome app which you've been using for reference, please display the options train, car and on foot in a list format.
-In the event that the registered address cannot be displayed, please display a message to this effect: 'Unable to find the registered address.'

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