[Translation from Japanese to English ] I would like to confirm FedEx Tracking Number ○○. I received an email regardi...

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私はFedEx Tracking Number ○○について確認したいです。11/29にそちらから発送に関するメールが届きました。しかし追跡確認の画面では11/29の10:47 AM以降、何も更新がされていません。私はこの荷物について日本のFedExに確認をしました。17箱のうちいくつか集荷がされていないと回答がありました。17箱のうち日本に到着しているものもあるようです。荷物の状況を至急確認いただけますでしょうか。

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- Posted at 04 Dec 2023 at 17:30
I would like to confirm FedEx Tracking Number ○○. I received an email regarding this shipment on November 29th, but nothing further has been updated on the tracking confirmation screen since 10:47am that day. I asked FedEx Japan to confirm the whereabouts of this package, and they responded to say that some of the 17x boxes were not successfully picked up. Some of the 17x boxes have already arrived in Japan, however. Could you please check the status of ll packages in this order asap please?
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- Posted at 04 Dec 2023 at 17:29
I would like to check on FedEx Tracking Number ○○. I got an email from you regarding the shipping. However, the tracking confirmation screen has not updated anything since 10:47 AM on 29 November. I have checked with FedEx in Japan about this package and they replied that some of the 17 boxes have not been picked up, and some of the 17 boxes have arrived in Japan. Could you check the status of the packages ASAP, please ?
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- Posted at 04 Dec 2023 at 17:26
I would like to confirm the tracking number on ○○ for FedEx. I received your email on 29 November. However, the update was not made at 10:47 am on 29 November and later according to the tracking status. I contacted the FedEx office in Japan regarding the package. They said some of the 17 packages were not picked up and some arrived in Japan. I urgently need to know the status of the shipment.
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