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・訪問する技師のために木浦 (Mokpo) 周辺のホテルを予約していただくことは可能ですか?(11月5日に一泊)ホテル代はクレジットカードで技師が支払います。


By the request from X company, we will dispatch an engineer from Japan and begin the service in Korea on the 7th of November.
Regarding the visit, I have enquiries and requests for the following.
*Would it be possible for the engineer to book accommodation around the Mokpo area for one night on the 5th of November? The engineer pays for the accommodation using his credit card.
*I would like you to arrange the pick-up service from the hotel to Mokpo Port and Mokpo Port to Mokpo train station on the 6th of November.

In case of the payment for the agent on-site, it would be highly appreciated if you could let me know the amount in advance.


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