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[Translation from Japanese to English ] An A meeting is scheduled to be held on February 6. One subject for discussio...

Original Texts
Translated by ashida
An A meeting is scheduled to be held on February 6. One subject for discussion is already submitted to us. but a couple of additional topics can be discussed there. So, if you have any topics to be shared among the entire B, such as a casual topic, please notify the meeting office of the topic by February 2.
The agendas in the past are posted in the following links.
They can be shared for your reference. We ask you for your active participation.
C is severely damaged because this book is acquired more than 20 years ago. However, there are no problems with reading in a regular manner. When you purchase this book, please thoroughly check the image, There are no new books posted here since others are used books.

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ashida ashida
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