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The damage by wildlife has been an issue throughout Japan.
It is a common problem also in Yamanashi prefecture.

The agricultural products grown carefully or woods grown for a long time are damaged by being eaten by wild birds and animals all over Japan.

It is serious for damage by deer, wild boars, and monkeys.

It has been a huge concern of flowing soils to the destruction of woods or economical damage because of agricultural crops or afforestation. Also, it becomes other issues of intrusion into residential areas or collision accidents with automobiles.

Then, political measures by the government take place such as harmful wildlife control or managed to capture.
The total amount of damage two years ago was 15.5 billion yen nationwide in Japan.
It was 150 million yen even in Yamanashi prefecture.

The suitable population of wildlife is decided for each prefecture. The total suitable population of deer is 4700 in Yamanashi prefecture.
The estimated population 10 years ago was approximately 75000 in Yamanashi prefecture.
We had a lot of damage by an extraordinary number of the population.
They focus on managed capturing for recent years and they captured 16500 every year.
The estimated population decreased to 35000 last year, however, it may take more time to reach the suitable population. Of course, we utilise the meat of captured wildlife such as deer for our foodstuff.

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