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念のための確認ですが、キャンセルの対象はPO No.Bの200本になります。
PO No.Aの100本については、製作も進んでおりますので、


Translated by steveforest
As we have received a note of the cost of purchasing materials from the factory, we send you an estimate of cancellation.
For confirmation, the cancellation is towards the 200 pcs of PO No.B.
As for the 100 pcs of PO No. A, it is currently under production, and we will ship 50 pcs next week and the remaining 50 pcs next month as scheduled.
Therefore, please let us know whether it is also cancelled or not soon.
As for the 100 pcs to be shipped in January, although we are confirming if we can be delivered early by the partial delivery to the factory, we are concerning the confusion on site.

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