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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The "Learning Site (LMS)" consists of short grammar explanatory videos by Pri...

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江副校長によるポイントを押さえた短い文法解説動画、学んだ文法がどのような場面で使われるのかを具体的に示すシーン会話動画、その文法を理解したかどうかチェックできる理解度クイズなどで構成された「学習サイト (LMS)」です。
Translated by teditedu
The "Learning Site (LMS)" consists of short grammar explanatory videos by Principal Ezo, scene conversation videos that specifically show how the grammar you have learned is used, and comprehension quizzes that allow you to check whether you have understood the grammar or not.
If you have any questions as you progress through the course, you can ask them on the site and get answers from the Japanese instructor.

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