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これは中長期的にユーザーへの貢献のために準備をしていおく必要があると思うからです。 3番目は緊急度は高いがユーザーへの影響度が小さいものに着手します。この場合、仕組み化をして、極力社内人的リソースを割かないようにするか、外注を検討するなどを検討します。


Translated by mammiuf
Priority of the work is decided by two factors; the "emergency level" and the "influence level to users."

The emergency level depends on "how close the work is to the delivery date or deadline."
The influence level to users is defined by whether the work immediately affects to users and makes user experience more prosperous.

As the top priority, we start the work which emergency level is high and influences much to users.

Next, we deal with the work which emergency level is low but influences much to users.
This is because I think we need to be prepared for the contribution to users in the medium to long term.
The third, we make a start in the work which emergency level is low and influence level to users is minor. In this case, we minimize to allocate in-house resource as much as possible via structuring, or consider outsourcing.

The last, we work on something with low emergency and small influence to users. In this case, we discuss within the team whether we should really work on it or we have any substitution, and for some cases we propose to eliminate such work.

That is how I put priority to my work.

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