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[Translation from Japanese to English ] To visit Japanese beautiful scenery in winter. "Shirakawago" in Gifu famou...

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白川郷・五箇山の合掌造り集落 は1995年12月にユネスコの世界文化遺産として登録されました。江戸時代に建てられた美しい合掌作りの建物とともに、日本の農村の伝統的な姿が残っています。
Translated by steveforest
Visiting the landscape in the beauties of winter in Japan.
Shirakawago in Gifu prefecture is very famous as a world heritage site. There are still remaining houses with old architectural style such as by Gashotusukuri or steep rafter roof, a rare place to visit where you can enjoy the landscape of an old farmer’s village of Japan.

A village of houses with a steep rafter roof in Shirakawago, Gokayama was registered to UNESCO's world heritage in December 1995. The traditional scenery of japan’s village is still there along with beautiful houses of steep rafter roof which was built in Edo era.

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