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・日本製の鋼鉄を使用。Nejiri Gamaとは、日本語でねじり=twist 鎌=weeding sickleの意味で、

Translated by masahiro_matsumoto
-Weeding sickle which is made by traditional technique has not only strong cutting ability but also endurance. Strong cutting ability keeps for long time and can also sharp again.

-Handle used by Japanese hard wood is easy to manipulate and do not feel tired if you use for long time.
It is light and has endurance.

- Use Japanese steel. Nejiri Gama has a meaning of Japanese like nejiri=twist and gama = weeding sickle.
And you can cut weed and digging up soil and also use for harvest whihc is convenient gama.

Purpose: weeding herbs, shaving herbs, gardening, harvest

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