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発注した金額よりいくらで販売したかの方が重要なのでしょうか。この商品は、今回納期が悪くて、お客さんと何度も交渉して時間を費やしました。しかし 同じ金額を発注しているのに、他の商品の利益と比較して10分の1でした。記載されている数字は、購入価格で、メーカーからの割引率も反映して頂いていますか。あなたが提案した価格で販売できた時はなぜ100%の利益が取れた事にならないですか。高い価格で販売をしたいけれども売上が必要で有れば、お客さんの希望価格を受け入れないとオーダーができません。
Translated by soulsensei

Is the amount of sales more important than the quantity that is ordered? This product is known for having slow delivery timings, so I spent a lot of time negotiating with customeers. However, even though I ordered the same amount, I only derived one-tenth of the profits that could be achieved with other products. Are the displayed figures equivalent to the purchase price and reflect the discount rate offered by the manufacturer? Why is it the case that 100% profits could not be attained even though the product was sold at the price recommended by you? You may want to sell at a high cost, but if we aim to increase sales, customers will not place orders unless they can do so at their desired pricing.


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