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[Translation from Japanese to English ] B function executes on A cluster is not registered by Node carried B function...

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Translated by setsuko-atarashi
B function executes on A cluster is not registered by Node carried B function, and do you mean it is done by Master Node without doubt?

As far as I can see the log, when B function is carried out, from Node2 in a state of Slave, against the same Slave state Node9, there is an error that cannot be connected.
Therefore, to my understanding, when Node2 is carried out B function and pass the data to Node 9, it makes an error.
Even if f Node9 cannot get data, Master Node1 obtains data, Node9 would be corresponded with Node1some day, I suppose, but if Master Node1 cannot get the data, Slave would be corresponded withMaster some day, I suppose.

Once again to see the log clearly, I would like to find the reason, but beforehand, could you please comment if A cluster's data registration understanding is correct or not?

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