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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I received the record today. Side 2's matrix number was XEX 580-4. The produc...

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今日、わたしはレコードを受けとりました。Side 2のマトリクスナンバーは XEX 580-4 でした。商品説明には "EARLIEST IST PRESS MATRIX NUMBERS" とありましたが、それならば XEX 580-1 あるべきですよね? わたしは本当の UK 1st Issue(loud cut)が欲しかったので、とても残念です。

Translated by teditedu
Today I received the record. The matrix number for Side 2 was XEX 580-4. The product description was "EARLIEST IST PRESS MATRIX NUMBERS", but if that's the case, it should be XEX 580-1, right? I'm really dissapointed because I wanted a real UK 1st issue.

I have bought records many times from you and really trust you. What do you think on how to solve this problem?


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