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昨日 まだ、船のアレンジをしていなければ、商品を引き取れないと言っております。また、今後の取引ができない。時計・バックならばシーズン関係ないですが、サンダルは売れません。
mint98 Translated by mint98
Would it be all right to contact and inform the customer that due to this work, the shipping arrangement of products will be from next month? It has been the same since the end of last month, and one month has already past but not progress has been made.
Yesterday, they said that if we are unable to arrange the ship, they cannot accept the item. In addition, future transactions will not be possible. Watches and bags can be sold regardless of the season, but sandals cannot be sold.
Could you please stop what you are working on right now and arrange the shipping within this week? As they are a very important customer, I do not want to lose their trust.

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