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[Translation from Japanese to English ] On March 29, my mother Junko passed away at the age 73 on an unseasonal snowy...

tearz Translated by tearz
On March 29, my mother Junko passed away at the age 73 on an unseasonal snowy day.

Her sickness got worsened at the begining of March and was admitted to the hospis near the house.
Visitation was restricted for external visitors due to the hospital's direction for against COVID-19.
We therefore could not spend much time with mom we wanted.
Her funeral was taken place just for the family considering the state.

Sorry for taking a while to let you know, it was not easy to find closure with my feelings.

How is the virus affecting your job?
Are you and your family safe?
Feel free to write back in English.
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3月29日 私の母 順子が肺がんで亡くなりました。73歳でした


なかなか気持ちの整理がつかず あなたに報告が遅くなりました


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