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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Hi Mr Suzuki san. How are you? I hope you doing well. I write this letter to ...

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Hi Mr Suzuki san. How are you? I hope you doing well. I write this letter to inform you that from 28/03/2020 I will stop working in Galahome. They already did make the bad way with me, and I cannot stay there anymore. They touched directly with my customer and kick me out, they let other Salesman to be in charge and take the account which I bring to Galahome. And stopped to everything to me

for supporting to customer:
1/ Stop to offer the car for me to pick up customer going to factory, just last week. And they when customer called directly to Sony, he said that Emma didnot inform to him the schedule, it’s funny way to understand this.

2/ They do the increasing price for America customer when they already fixed contract after one month from deposit date. It’s cannot accept I think so.
3/ They touched directly with my customer, and dont give me any permission to contact with them anymore. If I still contact with them, they will solved me by other methods.
4/ They dont give me any update for production anymore, and they control by themselves, that’s why I cannot control it in behalf of customer anymore.

I still want to stay here until delivering your shipment and others shipment also, but they dont let me do this. They want to kick me out and take all of my customers now. I cannot bear their behavior.

So that I decided that I will stop for working by the end of this week. You’re my customer who I really respect. I want to ensure the quality for you and the responsibility for you. But they dont let me to do it. So that I have the solution: while I move out, you can talk to them that “I want Emma is outside and become the QC for this shipment”, it’s my suggestion for you to be ensured the quality and show the video call for you in the final. And then I can come to factory to trace to the end of this shipment for you. This is the best solution for take responsibility from my side to you.
Pls share with me your thoughts!
Thank you for your support

eri-k Translated by eri-k sujiko Translated by sujiko planckdive Translated by planckdive
一つ目の理由として、まず先週、顧客を工場まで迎えに行く車の手配をやめたことです。そして顧客がソニーに直接連絡した際に、エマに予定の変更等を連絡しないでいたことが発覚しました。とても理解し難い状態でした。 2/デポジットを治めた日から1か月後既に契約をしていた場合、彼らは米国の顧客に対し値上げします。これは、受け入れられないと思います。

貴方や他の出荷が配達されるまでここに居たいのですが、彼らはそれを許してくれません。私を追い出し、私の顧客全員を奪いたいのです。このような暴挙に耐えれません。 なので、私は今週中に仕事をやめることにしました。あなたは私が本当に尊敬する顧客です。私はあなたのために、製品の質と責任を保証したいのです。しかし彼らがそれをさせてくれません。そのために私には解決策があります:私が仕事を辞めた後は、「エマが仕事を辞めたので、自分がこの発送のQCになりたい」と彼らに伝えてください。このことが品質が保証され、最終的にあなたにビデオ通話で私と話せる方法かと思います。そしてこの発送の終わりでは、私は工場まで来ることができます。これが、私があなたのために責任を取ることができる最良の解決策ではないでしょうか。

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