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[Translation from Japanese to English ] For the T2 team, once the Dani shares the updated PKG DIE-LINE data etc. that...

kamitoki Translated by kamitoki
With regard to the update on the packaging design, the model for the picture used for the current packaging design is a little too old for the changes to the height and the assumed customer base of the product therefore I understand that a little more revisions are proceeding to revise the age of the model that the target customer base can project/relate themselves on to. This direction is the same as what T2 and T1 are already aiming for therefore the T2 team will not carry out an update of the package design for the NYTF show. We will leave the creation of a design where the product's attractions can be more easily seen to the US team.
For the T2 team, once the Dani shares the updated PKG DIE-LINE data etc. that she is currently working on, Mr. Makoto will start the inspection of the method of securing the parts that takes into account the work on the revised estimate and production capacity of the plant.
2. I have returned from the business trip. I have verified the following. We are talking over it again by team so I'll collate the information and reply tomorrow.
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PKGデザインのアップデートの件、高さサイズの変更やWALMARTのPBチームにも指摘された想定商品購買層に対して、現在PKGデザインに使われているモデルの写真が少し大人すぎるので、もうちょっとターゲット層が自らを投影できる位の年齢のモデルに修正を進めていることも了解しました。既にT2とTIが目指している方向は同じなので、T2はNYTFショーに向けてPKGのデザインのアップデートをT2チームでは行いません。より商品が魅力的に見えるデザイン制作をUSチームにお任せいたします。 T2チームは、DANIが現在制作しているアップデートされたPKGのDIE-LINEデータなどを共有してもらいましたら、誠氏が工場に修正見積作業や製品量産を踏まえた製品の固定方法などの検証を開始します。


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