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[Translation from Japanese to English ] It has been around 120 years from Mt. Issaikyozan's eruption in 1893. It is a...

kamitoki Translated by kamitoki
It has been around 120 years from Mt. Issaikyozan's eruption in 1893. It is an active volcano and currently at Volcanic Alert Level 1.

Volcanic gas is issuing from the area of the large crater, and high temperature activity is continuing therefore the mountain trail to the large crater is partially prohibited.

Status of the tourist trail towards Joudodai (the Bandaiazuma skyline)
October 12, 2019: Due to damage from typhoon No. 19, 2 portions of the road have collapsed therefore it cannot be accessed.
3D model shooting: It is regrettable that we cannot go during the autumn leaves season only at the places where taking pictures of the starry sky and sea of clouds is often done,
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