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I am sorry to learn of the matter you mentioned. Our records show that since your ATM card (issue number '4') has not been activated within three months from the issue date, your ATM card became invalid. 

In this situation, you can call our Personal Banking Hotline on [0] 11and then press 5-#-0-1 after language selection for 24-hour ATM Chip Card Enquiries. Our colleagues there will be pleased to resume the card status for you after your identity has been verified.

After that, please use your existing ATM card Personal Identification Number (PIN) to activate the card by performing a balance enquiry via ATMs of our Group or the UnionPay network within three calendar days.
We are pleased to be of service.

Translated by planckdive

今回の場合は、[0] 11のパーソナルバンキングホットラインに電話し、24時間のATMチップカード照会の言語を選択後に、5-#-0-1を押してください。担当の者が本人確認を完了させた後、カードのステータスを再び有効にすることができます。


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