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Translated by steveforest
I am currently selling Japanese traditional crafts through EC site mainly for the UK as subsidiary business.
The craftsman making this artwork is joined in the same flow of over 230 years in history, it is producing the crafts using the same material of 〇〇.

Samurai those days use to love to use it made by the ancestors of the craftsman.
The master has been televised on BBC and the expansion for sales all over English spoken will be expected.
As I am looking for wholesaler in the UK where can buy the crafts bulky, I am not familiar with them, therefore if you know some of them, I so much appreciate it if you could teach me.

And also, if you are interested, I will send some samples, I am more than happy that you would introduce me for those who may be interested.
At the end I will post our Homepage for your reference.

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