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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Hello Takako, it is wonderful hearing from you. It was a pleasure for me...

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Hello Takako,

it is wonderful hearing from you.

It was a pleasure for me as well. Thank you for your time and the nice talk and your interest!

Thank you for the pictures as well.

I am looking forward to do business with you.

I want to ask you for 1 week. I am going to go to the fair "Trendset Munich" today. I will stay there as an exhibitor till Tuesday. This

I want to prepare everything for you and would like to give you all the information and pictures next week on friday - i do hope it is ok this way.

The colors and patterns you chose are beautiful and I think they are perfect for your intention!

Best regards,

Atakan Celik
steveforest Translated by steveforest
一週間ほど掛るかもしれませんが、今日 "Trendset Munich"という展示会へ行きます。
Atakan Celik

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I worked for the broadcaster as an engineer for over 35 years.
During my career, I was dispatched to Mexico and Thailand as a JICA expert for broa...

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