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asuka_akaneiro Translated by asuka_akaneiro
As there is an old proverb, "X", honey has been having the very close relationship with our human life since way back. Eating some honey during the therapy can be introduced to your therapy from tomorrow, and it's very easy. Since it is food, it has no side effects except allergy. Through this presentation, we hope that honey helps to prevent as many patients as possible from acute salivary glands disorder in the medical treatment and help to maintain their QOL. There is a possibility that kind medical treatment in which they try to decrease the side effects including eating honey leads to the preservation of QOL finally.
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”X”という古いことわざがあるように,蜂蜜は遥か昔から人間の生活と密接に関わってきました.治療中に蜂蜜を食べるというこは明日の診療から取り入れることが可能で,しかも非常に簡便です.食品ですので食物アレルギー以外に副作用はありません.この発表を通じて,蜂蜜が一人でも多くの患者の治療に伴う急性期唾液腺障害を予防し,QOLを維持することができればと願っています. 患者に対して蜂蜜摂取を含む副作用軽減に対する親身な医療が,最終的なQOL維持につながる可能性があります.

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