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[Translation from English to Japanese ] 3) At this point, if after 3 business days you and the seller haven’t reache...

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At this point, if after 3 business days you and the seller haven’t reached an agreement or if the seller has not responded, please go back to your request and click “Ask eBay to step in and help.” We will review the request and make the best decision within 48 to 72 hours.

You can learn more about the eBay Money Back Guarantee program and processes, here:

I am positive that the information I have provided is helpful for you what you need to do since the item has not been shipped by your seller.

Thanks for choosing eBay. We value your business.
steveforest Translated by steveforest
(eBayに助けを求める)“Ask eBay to step in and help.” をクリックしてください。リクエストを吟味し最善策と48から72時間以内にアクションを起こします。
eBay返金補償プログラム(eBay Money Back Guarantee program)についてその処理についてお知りになりたい場合は、こちらをご参照ください。


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