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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Although it is not a major injury, I still would like you to actively take my...

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大きな怪我ではないが転んで擦りむいた際にも積極的にナースルームへ子供を連れて行って欲しい。ナースルームより訪問、治療内容が書かれたカード等が帰りのバッグに入っていると安心する。以前通っていた〇〇では、このシステムが出来ており、特にまだ本人の説明がはっきりしない学年は様子が分かる手掛かりとなり有り難かった 素晴らしい教育体制に感銘を受けていた為、引越しで去らなければならない事が悲しい。子供達は〇〇の一員であった事に誇りを持つでしょう。皆様の素晴らしいサポート有難うございました。
Translated by steveforest
Though it was not severe injured but when rolling and be scraped , want you to take kids to the nurse room. I am relieved if you place the card filled with the details of cured with the bag with kids ,and must be visited rather than nurse room anyway, 〇〇 went before was very well established the system . This system worked so nicely for younger age good enough to describe who they are .I was impressed with the great system for education ever.and that makes me sad to move. Kids are proud of being a part of 〇〇. I really thank you for your generous support.

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