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[Translation from Japanese to English ] By the time the current device approval period, if it is not approved by AA c...

setsuko-atarashi Translated by setsuko-atarashi
By the time the current device approval period, if it is not approved by AA country, with our responsibility and under the following conditions, we will change it to be able to be approved by AA country. We, after 4 years with dealing the device, for this issue, we will start negotiation with its owner. If extension of approval is made, we will talk about that too. In case of changing this to device obtained approval of AA country, 1: As a rule, replacement work should be done by 5 years after its delivery. 2: its manner and maker will be designed and decided by us. 3: its guarantee of equipped device will be 1 year after remodeling and replacement work.
User's Request Text
今の機器の承認期限が切れるまでにAA国の承認を得られていない場合、当社が責任を持って以下の条件のもと、AA国承認を得られた機器へと変更する。当社は、機器引渡から4年後に、本件について持主と協議を始める。承認期限の延長が認められる可能性がある場合には、それに関しても協議する。本機器をAA国承認取得済みの機器へ換装する場合、1. 換装工事は、原則引渡5年後までに行うこととする。2. 方式及びメーカは当社が指定・決定する。3.装備した機器の保証は、改造工事、換装工事後から1年とする

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