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[Translation from Japanese to English ] If you are going to list all OO's names and addresses on the invoice, there i...

tearz Translated by tearz
If you are going to list all OO's names and addresses on the invoice, there is a possibility that the customs office will deem the items for sale.
I want to avoid the situation because an extra amount of tariff will be charged if they are deemed to be for sale.
Therefore, I would like you to list the name and the address on the invoice per ship-to destination.

Also, under the Japanese customs clearance, any amount 132.83€(¥16666)and over will be taxable, so we placed an order from you so that the orders can pass through the customs clearance below the amount.

(1) We do not want the items to be judged for sale.
(2) We do not want to place an order for an amount 132.83€ and over.
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