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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Dear sorry for my later reply! now i have time! 😊 i just phoned to my post...

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sorry for my later reply! now i have time! 😊

i just phoned to my post agent because i don't dispose these ticket! i will receive these ticket this afternoon

i will put thes labels (CN22/23) on your packages with invoices But you must make however you should group your order in one payment paypal per name and adress shipping, ok?

if you want 3 t shirt and 4 hoodie and 1 sweat for SUZUKI NAOTO, please make only one payment and group orders, and for all another name and adress shipping that you used as usually, its the same process, one payment and group! OK??
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例えば、Tシャツ3枚とパーカー4枚、スウエット1枚がSUZUKI NAOTOさん名義で欲しい場合、支払いは一つにまとめ、他の商品を普段通りどなた宛てというようにグループとして発注をお願いしたいのです。以降同じ様な繰り返しとなりますがOKでしょうか?

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