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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I would like to ask you to sell him on his asking price just this time. If it...

kentaron1111 Translated by kentaron1111
I would like to ask you to sell him on his asking price just this time. If it is impossible, we might disembroil from other products or brand. Regarding shoes, there is no choice other than your company. However, other products can be stocked by other merchants. If the asking price does not meet common ground with your price, we will not order the products. In Osaka, Japan, the product is offered to customers exactly the same price as you buy from the maker. The shop in Osaka is one of the biggest merchants. Only he that suggested asking price is the only one interested in ordering the shoes. I would like to know the best-discounted price of the product.
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今回だけ彼の希望価格で、取り扱って頂けませんか。もし発注ができなければ、他のブランドも発注しない可能性があります。靴の発注であれば、弊社以外に仕入れ問屋がないので、発注しますが、他のブランドは弊社以外も発注できるので、こちらの条件が悪ければ弊社に発注しません。この商品は、弊社がメーカーから購入する価格で大阪の問屋が、お客さんにオファーしています。一番 多く販売しているお店です。彼以外のお客さんは、全く発注に関して興味がありません。発注金額に対しての割引率を教えて下さい。

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