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[Translation from Japanese to English ] As there are many staff understand English at Japan Amazon, you can contact i...

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Translated by steveforest
Amazon office in Japan has a lot of staff understanding English, thus you can make a contact with them in English.
If you get any reply written in Japanese, please make a contact with me in that case.
Next week I made an appointment with pattent attoney for giving me any advices. I will let you know after the meeting.
The following is explanation for item.
*Total length is 17 inches and you can use at ease with soft power. You can cut grass easily without squatting.
*Blade throughout is hardened for a sharp easy cutting feeling and durablility.
*Lightweight grip can enable to use at handling with very light power.

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I worked for the broadcaster as an engineer for over 35 years.
During my car...