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[Translation from Japanese to English ] does this algorithm has any limitation? for example, if number of A is extrem...

ambika Translated by ambika
does this algorithm has any limitation? for example, if number of A is extremely high, will there be any drastic effect on speed or will there be any errors? if there's a performance problem in algorithm, please inform. is there any improvement idea or plan for performance problem of this algorithm?
we are expecting to implement this algorithm in our company's product, what precautions should we take while implementing it on our product, for example if there's a part we can optimize or if there's a part where error is likely to occur. if there is, please tell the person in charge or whosoever is concerned.
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I am from India and i have a graduation in Bachelors of computer science (Bsc. CS). apart from that, i am learning Japanese language and cu...

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