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You should still be able to get a refund from HMRC for all of the C88s that you have provided us with as they are all from this year.

Have you already filed your UK VAT returns for these periods, without reclaiming this import VAT?

Ultimately, I cannot give you a definitive answer on this, as we will need to ask HMRC, as it will be at their discretion. There should not be an issue as the imports are all quite recent, however this might be complicated if you have already filed for these periods without reclaiming the VAT. We will not know until we ask HMRC.

Should you decide to use our service there will be 2 hours of VAT rate review included with the initial onboarding process.

Translated by huihuimelon


究極的には、これはHMRCの裁量であるため、彼らに確認することなしには私から確実なお答えはできません。輸入はとても最近のものなので、問題ないはずですが、もしあなたが既にVATの再申請を除いた形でこれらの期間に対する申請を行っていたら少々複雑になるかもしれません。 HMRCに確認するまではわかりません。

Translated by elephantrans
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