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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I saw you skating live for the first time in August at the THE ICE public per...

nicholaskontje Translated by nicholaskontje sujiko Translated by sujiko
I saw you skating live for the first time in August at the THE ICE public performance in Aichi.
Your skating was powerful and beautiful, and you expressed the music with your whole body. I was moved to tears.

Actually, my I lost my beloved father to Shy-Drager syndrome this July. There is no way to treat this nerve disease, which is designated as incurable by the country. Even now, when I still think of my father I grow sad, but when I see you giving it everything, I feel that I, too, have to give it my all and keep going. I deeply wish that not only the dream in your athletic life but also your dream of becoming a doctor come true. As you have already been making many people happy, I believe that you can help many people.
I know that carrying out both studying in school and practicing skate at the same time are very tough beyond my imagination. But I am sure that you can succeed in both. Please do not work too hard to make you sick.
I am an avid fan of a person Nathan Chen not as a skater but also as a person.
Thank you very much for making us fans happy. I keep my fingers crossed that you will be careful not to be hurt and become ill.
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私は8月にTHE ICE 愛知公演であなたの演技を初めて生で観ました。

実は、私は今年の7月に最愛の父をシャイ・ドレーガー症候群で亡くしました。治療方法がない自律神経の病気で、国の指定する難病でした。今でもまだ父のことを思い出し、くよくよすることがよくありますが、あなたの頑張っている姿をみると、私も頑張らないといけないという気持ちになります。 あなたの競技生活における夢はもちろん、医者になる夢が叶うよう、心から願っています。また、あなたは既に多くの人々を幸せにしているから、医者になっても、多くの人々を助けることができると信じています。

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