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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Japanese sake "Mansaku no Hana" (Flowers in full bloom) shipment due to arri...

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Japanese sake "Mansaku no Hana" (Flowers in full bloom) shipment due to arrive soon
~Mansaku no Hana~
The "Hinomaru Kozo" is a long-established brewery founded in 1689. It uses Japan's leading soft waters and is finished with thorough temperature control and low temperature storage that it is a famous preeminent brand even in Japan for its enjoyable mellow and fresh flavor.
This time Hinomaru Kozo and Fuji Restaurant have joined forces and successfully imported this distinguished brand for the first time in Vietnam, and priority selling has started in Fuji Restaurant.
We have made great efforts in making dishes as you see in the photos so that our guests can imbibe this premier brand.

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