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[Translation from English to Japanese ] You can listen to your favorite music on the go hands-free. Enjoying fantasti...

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You can listen to your favorite music on the go hands-free. Enjoying fantastic music when you are painting, Muse'll come to you. Dish becomes yammy when cooking with love, it's a pleasure journey to make dinner for the beloved with music. You could also talk on your phone conveniently. This special Hole completely prevents your headphones from getting in the way of your cooking by preventing any possible interference and makes it so much more fun to cook.
UNIQUE TRI-GLIDE BUTTON FASTEN BUCKLE & QUICK RELEASE BUCKLE: Fixed the comfortable length according to your body size with the Tri-Glide Button. Extra long straps with Unique Fasten Buckle accommodates wide range of sizing up to women's XXL sizes).
sujiko Translated by sujiko
ユニークなトライグライドのボタンによるバックルの締め&即座のはずし: トライグライドのボタンにより貴方の体のサイズに合った長さを設定します。ユニークなバックルを使用した冗長なストラップが女性の2エクストラLサイズを上限とした広範囲に適用します。

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