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This is to inform you that we are ready with sample and we understand from our logistics team that they have approach multiple courier company for say DHL, FedEx , UPS & Aramex.

But from here India they reuse to accept this cargo as courier base. We and our logistic are searching or some other option and get it solved and share outcomes.

Normally for your info only we send this stick to other buyers in other country as cargo commercial mode, is this accepted by your good company ?

Pls advice and take note of above, Shall keep you posted with progress and expedite the process as all Indian Courier carrier are facing probs for this product service as courier base.
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しかし、ここインドでは、この貨物を宅配便として受け入れて再利用しています。 私たちとロジスティックチームは、検索やその他のオプションを使って解決し、結果を共有しています。



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