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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Understand welfare and social support, and recognize importance of living by ...

huihuimelon Translated by huihuimelon sujiko Translated by sujiko
Acknowledge the primary and basic knowledges and skills from one’s life, family and home, welfare, food, clothing and shelter and consumption lives etc, and deal with the living matters over families and regions where they obtain the abilities to improve their living qualitiesand practical attitudes.
Understand the features and issues of each life stage on the perception looking into a lifetime development, and act responsibly based on their own decisions.
Understand children’s development and living, and the roles of parents.
Understand the nursery environment and think about the current issues.
Get to know better about elderly people and think about the current issues. Understand welfare and social support, and recognize importance of living by supporting each other.
Focus on a problem we have around us in life, and develop an ability to solve a problem.
Understand a current situation of consumption life and its problem as well as right and responsibility of consumer.
Consider control and plan of economy by predicting the whole life.
By learning basic knowledge and technology such as nutrition, food, cooking and food sanitation necessary for maintaining a healthy and safe food life, we can lead a food life by predicting the whole life.
We can lead a healthy and comfortable life of outfits.
We have the knowledge to lead a safe life of living that is considerate of environment.
We consider our life plan by predicting the whole life.
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高齢者について、理解を深め、現状の課題を考える。 福祉や社会的支援について理解し、共に支え合って生きることの重要性を認識する

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