[Translation from English to Japanese ] for future reference if you have a complaint please write 1.E Mail not 100 M...

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for future reference
if you have a complaint please write 1.E Mail not 100 Mails about the same Issue Please.
As we said you need to wait at least 24.hours before you request new Japan Tracknumbers from us, as DHL need to update the system if you ask before, that timeframe you will get probably the old numbers that is correct, by now, they update and numbers are
RZ937000431TW ---- RZ937000445TW ---RZ937000462TW and RZ937000459TW
inf future please stay calm and just write 1 email to each issue

RZ937000431TW ---- RZ937000445TW ---RZ937000462TW and RZ937000459TW



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