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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Dear Paul. How are you? I am sorry for having bothered you a lot the other d...

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ところで、Paulさんやkelyは食物アレルギーは無いでしょうか?日本のお菓子などもお土産に持って行きたいのですが。 また、Paulさんが好きな日本のお菓子や興味のある物などがあれば教えてください。
Translated by joseph-s
Dear Paul
Hi. How do you do? I'm so sorry for last day.
I confused that talking about my daughter to my best friend came back unexpectedly.
I'll apologize you accepting homestay readily.
It left a week before my daughter's homestay.
My daughter is looking forward to that. And she is enjoying to choose gifts to you.
By the way. does Paul and Kely have any food allergy?
This is because we are going to bring Japanese gifs such as sweets.

Also Paul, could you please tell me Japanese snacks you like and something you are interested in?
Best Regards.

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