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Notification on (1) Delivery method and
(2) the amount of the bill

(1) Regarding the delivery method of the item (total 144)
Because of the customs, I will send the items not at once but by two dozens (24) separately with six times.

The EMS cost per delivery is as follows:

EMS cost per delivery : ¥5,550
(shipping cost :¥5,370+insurance fee:¥250)

(2) Regarding the total amount of the bill

The total bill amount including the EMS delivery cost is as follows:

(A) Total EMS delivery cost : ¥33,300
(¥5,550×6 times)
User's Request Text
(1)配送方法 及び


関税の関係上 144本まとめて の発送ではなく
2ダース(24本)づつ6回に分けて の発送となります






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