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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Typhoon 22 Saora had a huge amount of rain, even more than typhoon 21 Lan, an...

kamitoki Translated by kamitoki
Typhoon 22 Saora had a huge amount of rain, even more than typhoon 21 Lan, and the roads near houses were submerged in water.
Due to that, it is expected that lower houses have been flooded with huge amounts of water. It is thought that there is enough possibility that crop ridges have been completely collapsed and all strawberries have been destroyed.
There's nothing that can be done. Let's check the situation first and then think of how to deal with it next.
So I'll go to the house then come back.
As expected the inside of the house is flooded, and the crop ridges are half-destroyed. But the damage to the strawberries is only to 1 root for now. I'm relieved that the damage is less than I predicted. Great. For now we'll have to remove the water.

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